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“I’ve been with Sarah for the last year for fertility and maternity reflexology. I cannot recommend her enough. Her knowledge and passion for all things fertility reflexology is second to none. She has been able to recommend supplements and explain the reasons behind them, useful and practical tips for late pregnancy as well. Her positivity and calmness is infectious.

The treatments are a real treat as well as being effective. Sarah has helped me after severe egg retrieval bloatedness, pregnancy swelling and then general mild anxiety about all things pregnancy related. She is intuitive to my needs and knows when I need to be quiet, reflect (and snooze!) and the times I am open to conversations, during the talkative sessions it’s almost like therapy.

Thank you Sarah! I have no doubt you have played a part in my positive fertility journey” A.G.

"I have been going to Sarah for reflexology treatments for a number of years now, first for fertility treatment, then maternity care and now for general women’s health. I really cannot recommend Sarah highly enough, she is incredibly well informed and knowledgeable about fertility and pregnancy care and all things related to women’s health.
I initially attended Sarah for fertility treatment and can honestly say it made a huge difference to my fertility journey. I found the treatments very relaxing and always had more energy after seeing Sarah. Her treatments helped a huge amount in terms of regulating my cycle and it was great to be able to see real improvements as the treatments progressed. I also had high TSH levels which Sarah worked on as part of the treatments and over time this reduced down to where it needed to be. Sarah has a huge amount of knowledge in this area and was able to offer me useful advice and information on this in tandem with the treatments she carried out. This was in contrast to how I had been fobbed off on this issue by other medical professionals prior to starting treatment with Sarah and I believe improving my TSH levels was one of the major factors in getting pregnant.
I found the reflexology treatments with Sarah to be massively beneficial but it was also so helpful to be able to tap into her extensive knowledge base. She offered really helpful suggestions around complimentary treatments and supplements etc to try and was always clear on the reasoning behind using them. This comes from her experience of working closely with fertility clients but also her focus on CPD and working to continue to develop her skills and knowledge to help her clients.
I also went to Sarah for treatments when I was pregnant and this really helped in terms of balancing my hormones. The treatments also helped me to relax and it was great to see a visible reduction in my poor swollen ankles after each treatment!
I continued to see Sarah after my daughter was born as I really feel that the treatments are great for overall health and well-being.
Sarah is a genuinely lovely person with a great sense of humour and a huge amount of empathy for everyone she treats. I have always felt very much welcomed into her treatment room and know that I will be well looked after at each appointment. I’m looking forward to continuing reflexology sessions with Sarah for many years to come!" H.P.

"Myself and my husband were trying to conceive for over 3.5 years between on & off appointments and doctors getting tests done over & over again over the last 2 years. I felt I tried every angle to fall pregnant naturally as possible... After many months of going through failed treatments with fertility specialist I decided to take a different approach so in November 2020 I decided I would like to try reflexology & I came across the lovely Sarah who I got in contact with and she told about her practice and her knowledge in fertility reflexology I just knew I needed to go to her. I felt positive about how she knew so much about hormones & fertility... I also changed fertility clinics at the same time of making my decision to go to Sarah for reflexology... so in December 2020 I had my first 4 appointments with Sarah back to back right before Christmas and I told her my history and back story she was extremely helpful and made great suggestions for myself and my husband to try at home with her help and my new fertility doctor I finally fell pregnant after 3.5 years it was truly amazing and with the help of Sarah I felt very relaxed and her passion for her reflexology, I will be going back to Sarah for maternity sessions, I would highly recommend Sarah she is such a lovely down to earth lady who I am very grateful to have met." A.W.

"I Have Nothing But Good Things To Say About Sarah!

Sarah Has Paid Attention To Every Little Detail To Make Your Visit Memorable, Soothing & Relaxing!

I Was Amazed At What She Has Done For Me In A Short Space Of Time!

A Great Experience & One I Would Highly Recommend With Sarah! " J.F.

"Sarah has done wonders for my body through her reflexology. As a sufferer of fibromyalgia and bulging discs in my back and the pain that comes with them both, it has really helped with it all and has reduced my flare ups and sciatic nerve pain.

I would highly recommend sarah and her reflexology skills to everyone." L.O'R.

"I have had three wonderful sessions with Sarah now. I actually can't recommend it highly enough, Sarah has such a calming way about her and you actually feel amazing after the session. Please if you do anything for yourself do this. You will not regret it" D.E.

"Had my second facial reflexology today. It is so relaxing and is really helping with migraines along with its many other benefits, it helps me sleep so well. Sarah is such a professional lady to deal with and really knows knows her stuff. Honestly can't recommend her enough." T.M.

"I have just finished my 4th session of reflexology lymph drainage with Sarah, I have lipedema in both my legs and have found the treatment so beneficial. I didn’t know what to expect when I went but Sarah explains everything and made me so comfortable since my very first session....I can't wait to go back next week for more!! I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough she is so professional and friendly" E.E.

"Just under a year ago I was diagnosed with lipedema went through so many doctors who had very little knowledge of it. Was told by so many that I would never lose weight and i would have to live with it for the rest of my life. I found this lovely lady on Facebook and started going to her. I have had 15 sessions with her and I have lost just under 3 stone weight. I also changed my eating pattern" L.M.

Myself and my partner had been TTC for over a year before I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had no menstrual cycle for over 16 months I came across Rebalance reflexology on Facebook and took a chance and made an appointment and it was the best decision I made. Sarah is so professional and has such a love for what she does I didn't know a whole lot about reflexology but it's benefits have paid off. I had been seeing Sarah for just over a year, she gave me so much advise on supplements etc for me and my partner, if I had questions she was always there to help. I looked so forward to my appointment ever week it was a little treat for myself as well as being beneficial. I am now 25 weeks pregnant and am so grateful to Sarah and her hard work and dedication. I do not think we would have got here without her. She has so much knowledge it is so comforting to know she has such a passion for reflexology and all her different types of clients. Unfortunately with lockdown I have not been able to attend many sessions in my pregnancy but I will 100% reattend when safe to do" K.C.

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