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Facial Reflexology Bergman Method

Facial Reflexology is very effective in improving lymphatic drainage encouraging the elimination of toxins and can help relieve muscle tension, mental strain, headaches & migraines.

This treatment is not only deeply relaxing but can also help to improve a number of ailments such as sinus and congestion, TMJ, insomnia, lack of energy, IBS and other stress related issues.

It can be particularly useful for people suffering with neurological conditions by working closely with the central nervous system and the muscles of the face and head.

Facial reflexology brings all the benefits of foot reflexology with added beautifying extras such as giving the complexion a younger, radiant glow as well as leaving the skin looking tighter, smoother and plumper over a series of treatments. 

Facial Reflexology has all the benefits and principles of traditional Foot Reflexology. It is deeply relaxing with immediate effects due to the close proximity to the brain and central nervous system. Once the reflex points are activated a direct response occurs in the corresponding area of the body, this helps  the body’s healing process, improving circulation and nerve supply as well as the release of toxins.

Treatments also stimulate collagen and elastin which gives the effect of tighter, plumper more radiant skin.

The Bergman Method
Ziggie Bergman, founder of 'The Bergman Method' Facial Reflexology, developed this treatment over twenty years based on William Fitzgerald's theory of "Zone Therapy", Native American techniques along with Asian body mapping. 

What to expect?

This deeply relaxing treatment begins with a hot towel cleanse. Then a pre-blended organic facial oil is applied. The oils used enhance the experience of the treatment, as they come with added benefits such as the ability to nourish and revitalize the skin.

Once the facial reflexology sequence begins gentle pressure is used on different reflex points on the face to re-balance and restore the body and mind while also having the added benefit of smoothing out wrinkles and rejuvenating the face.

You should find this experience to be very relaxing and many clients drop off to sleep.

A treatment can also help to relax the muscles in the face, neck and jaw helping with Bell's Palsy and bruxism.

While doing all of this it will improve skin tone and texture through increasing blood flow and circulation to the face.

1 hour treatment: €60

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