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Maternity & Post Natal Reflexology

During pregnancy, reflexology has been shown to be a great help at easing the uncomfortable times that mums-to-be can suffer.

It is believed to help balance the hormonal and emotional rollercoaster that pregnancy creates and can ease anxiety symptoms.

Alongside the emotional benefits, it can also help with many of the physical effects of pregnancy, such as:

  • morning sickness 

  • heartburn

  • anaemia

  • nausea

  • backache

  • digestive problems

  • anxieties & fears 

  • symphisis pubis discomfort

  • tension

  • general aches and pains

  • sleeplessness

  • sciatica

  • oedema

Encourages natural labour

Reflexology is also commonly used to help with natural labour in babies reluctant to enter the world. This is due mostly to reflexology inducing a relaxed and ready state for Mum and Baby. Weekly treatments during the last 4-6 weeks are very beneficial to encourage natural labour.

Post-natal benefits

After the joy of the new arrival, your hormones can be out of balance.

Reflexology can also be used in the time after the birth to help with the natural healing processes of the body and mind as they recover from the stresses and strains of bringing a wonderful new life into the world.

It will also promote hormonal balance and can therefore help to fight off depression. 

It has also been shown to help breastfeeding mum's with improving milk production and reduce the occurence of mastitis.

Reflexology can also help the menstrual cycle return to normal in the months after birth.

1 hour treatment: €60

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