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Reproflexology for Preconception & Fertility

Reproflexology for Preconception & Fertility is more than just a general well-being Reflexology treatment as it is adapted and focused on the individual condition that a client may have, the symptoms that they may be experiencing or the stage they are at in their menstrual cycle or if they are going through fertility treatment.

It involves a series of treatments, often weekly for a month or two until improvement is made with the condition or the cycle.

  • It uses specific & prescriptive treatment protocols to address fertility health for both men and women.

  • It aims to regulate menstrual cycles and ensure that each stage is functioning at its best

  • It aims to assist any underlying conditions – male or female

  • It uses structured and prescriptive treatment protocols supporting all forms of assisted conception

  • It is one of the most effective forms of integrated medicine using results from medical testing to measure improvements

  • It aims to improve sperm production and functionality

  • It uses structured and prescriptive treatment protocols supporting all forms of assisted conception

For those who are using reflexology in preparation for conception whether natural or assisted, a three month preconception care programme is recommended to prepare the body and mind for conception. This includes looking into physical and emotional health and making various dietary and lifestyle changes if necessary, the mind-body connection along with Reproreflexology.

The goal of Fertility Reflexology is to help couples conceive where there has been challenges. By stimulating the parts of the feet relating to the reproductive organs and endocrine glands, it is possible to promote greater health and balance in these areas and to induce a state of relaxation.

Reflexology has been known to aid in certain conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Hypothyroidism, Irregular periods, Anovulatory cycles and stress related fertility issues to name but a few.

This treatment will involve carrying out a very specific reflexology treatment whilst stimulating your hormones several times throughout the routine.

It is extremely gentle and calms the nervous system which is essential for anyone with hormonal and reproductive issues. The stress response can be directly linked to the disruption of these two delicate systems. When in fight or flight mode, conditions can get worse, pain may increase, ovulation may stop and emotionally, fertility challenges may feel harder to cope with.

Reproflexology calms the mind and balances the hormonal system helping to bring you to your optimal fertile state.

Initial 90 min consultation and treatment: €90

Follow up 1 hour treatments: €60

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